En français, voir ci-dessous. The rain is heavy on this Friday afternoon. Puddles and small rivers are forming, pushing mud over the road and splashing brown spots all over my white, and now not very clean, car. It looks like I’ve been out on a hike in the mountains when I arrive. My uncle Albert … [Read more…]

Boles de Picolats


En français, voir ci-dessous. Last post carried the catalan colours, but this post is as catalan as it gets. “Why”, I asked Jeannine while she was cooking Boles de Picolats with Jean-Pierre. Why is Boles de Picolats Catalan? “Not sure,” she answered. “I guess its because it has ingredients that you can find around here.” Here in Catalunya, … [Read more…]

Slow-roasted tomatoes


This week has been a lot about tomatoes. We’ve been harvesting the last ones in our garden and I’ve payed a visit to my dear friend Cathy, the master of gardening, and she has shared a simple but oh so delicious recipe based on her sweet cherry tomatoes (next post). With all that tomatoe I … [Read more…]

Ecological wine


It’s getting easier to find really good ecological wine. People aren’t ready to compromise on taste, and sometimes ecological wine has been better for the consience than for the pallet. Comme 14 is a wine that’s good on both. And it goes really well with Spicy Gambas with Ginger. We stumbled across Erdoäns little stand … [Read more…]

Spicy Gambas with Ginger

Gambas with ginger and chili

I’m actually not very fond of gambas. It’s not my favorite, anyway. It’s not something I would order in a restaurant or so. Then one evening my husband came up with this recipe. It’s actually the only time I’ve truly enjoyed having gambas. So for a first recipe for this blog it’s pretty sweet to … [Read more…]

Getting started

White tree

Where does one start? With anything, really? What is there to say that isn’t already said a million times a day? Nothing. And everything, I guess. Maybe I should start with an introduction. And what I hope to create with this blog. I love photography. It’s been my passion since I was 14 years old … [Read more…]